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Lance and Annabelle Wallnau

“Spend time with the McGrane’s and every area of your life and marriage will be so much better!”

"We consider Bill and Linda McGrane our mentors to a deeper and more fulfilling life, marriage, family, and helping us impart God's message to the world. Spend time with them to acquire the leadership skills, and tools to reenergize yourself and your ministry."

Pastor Cleddie Keith

“Take your marriage to a whole better level”

"Those who are trained well, achieve maximum results with minimum effort. You can take yourself, your marriage and your ministry to your next level by working with Bill and Linda McGrane."

Belinda and Fritz Richard

“Best training, time and money we have spent!”

"I came for business reasons and walked away with so much more. I have my confidence back and it got me past the hurdles blocking my success and my marriage. I was very skeptical but ran out of options. The coaching changed my life and it's the cheapest and fastest way to move ahead in your life. It helped me spiritually with my business confidence, and I am much closer to my wife and family. Move on faith and just do it!"

Mark Victor Hansen

Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul and The One Minute Millionaire

“Bill and Linda are Masters to help you in the briefest time possible.”

"Bill and Linda McGrane have the greatest skills to get to the core of an issue that I have ever seen in the world. Bill and Linda are masters! They are a safe, brilliant, source that can serve anyone to identify their problems and then permanently resolve them in the briefest possible time."

Cathy and Carlos Jarrett

“We went from skeptical to believers.”

"Our marriage after 25 years was dead and we both were headed in the wrong direction. A divorce attorney had been contracted and it looked like the end of our marriage. We no longer knew how to communicate with each other or what to do to get back on track. The things we both tried were making things worse instead of better. On a scale of zero to 10, we went from a zero to a seven out of 10 in just two days. It is amazing when we get the tools and skills how much progress we made with your help.

If we can do it anyone who wants to have a great marriage can do it as well. Now our children and family are happier than ever. Give Bill and Linda McGrane a chance to give you the best years of your life ahead."

Teri Werner

“You got to my core and unlocked and healed me.”

"Thank you for giving me the chance of my life to have the change of my life. As I call it you gave me my BIG HEAL I was desperate for change. 

You have an anointing and an appointing by God to help people heal that anyone who wants a “breakthrough” will receive.

You got to my core and unlocked and healed me. More importantly, I am restored with new energy and focus."