Self Analysis Test

Who Do You Think You Are?

A Self Analysis For Those Who Don't Know
Suspect They Don't Know Themselves Well

When you discover what you really love,
you discover who you are.
Then you will know what it feels like
to belong and you will know what
success really is.

We at McGrane Global Centers believe the definition of you is more!

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Step 1: Finding Your Centers

* A. Do you ONLY feel good when you are around other people?

Yes      No

* B. Do you spend most of your time doing what other people want?

Yes       No

* C. Are you doing what you really want to do?

Yes       No

* D. Are you afraid to share what is really on your mind?

Yes       No

Step 2: Locating Your Zones

On a scale of 1 to 10, answer the following questions for each of these three categories:

A. With your boss
B. With family and those you love
C. With your peers.

  1   2   3 4   5   6   7 8   9   10
  never sometimes  all the time 

* 1. How often do you feel satisfied expressing your emotions and feelings?

Boss     Loved-Ones   Peers

* 2. Do you need space to be yourself?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 3. Do you have courage to speak your truth?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 4. Are your relationships satisfying?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 5. Do you long for a career that you can brag about?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 6. How often do you feel judged or criticized?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 7. Do you blame others often?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 8. How often do you get what you ask for?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

* 9. Is your energy drained?

Boss   Loved-Ones   Peers

Step 3: Targeting Your Actions

Below is a series of statements or questions. Do you find yourself saying or thinking these?
Answer Yes or No.

* A. Why can't I make it happen for me?

Yes       No

* B. "They" won't let me...

Yes       No

* C. No way! I can't speak to a group of people!

Yes       No

* D. What am I doing? Am I where I need to be?

Yes       No

* E. In what areas of Your life, would you like to move into your greatness, now?

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