"Making It Happen"
2 Day Program

"Move Into Your Greatness"
5 Day Program

Break Through Any Barrier
That is Keeping You From
Making It Happen and
Moving Into Your Greatness

Each month, we offer two personal development programs in Florence, Kentucky apart of Greater Cincinnati both designed to take your life to an entire new level:

"Making It Happen!"

This 2-day self-enhancement program is designed to help you get more of what you want in life—more love, more money, loving relationships, improved health, or anything else you desire. If getting what you want is not happening for you fast enough—or at all—attending this program will help you start Making It Happen. You will learn new skills and a new perspective that will help you move past any barrier that is stopping you from Moving Into Your Greatness. More Details...

"Move Into Your Greatness!"

This 5-day (and most popular) seminar continues your life changing personal transformation and adds 3 days of self development and leadership training so you will know how to lead yourself and others to total success. Once you’ve learned this different way to totally and more easily focus, commit, and take action, you’ll move forward in the direction you want to take your life faster than you ever thought possible. More Details...


Each month, we offer these two personal development programs in Florence, Kentucky in Greater Cincinnati. Both programs are designed to take your life to an entirely new level. In fact, personally guarantee that your life will change for the better when you understand the principles I’ll teach you and you consistently apply them in your life - or your money back!

"Attending your program was an investment  in my life journey. I learned how to  testimonialimprove my talents and get more passionate about my life."

–Steve MacConnell   


"This is such a life-changing experience.    You showed me how to remove the tools that don't work in my life and replace them with new tools that do.

I am better able to deal with myself and other people. The value of attending this course is phenomenal!"
–Keith Pietsch