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Our graduates all leave our 2-day and 5-day programs profoundly happy that they came.
Here's what some had to say:

Imagine the results you can get as

you hear what a successful

business man James smith has to say

  "Personal Mastery is the first mountain

  that needs to be taken.  I came to the

  McGrane program to equip myself with 

  the armor to be ready to go into each

  of the 7 mountains.  There is no better

  place for you go to be prepared so we

  can unite as one for the Kingdom."

  - Dr. Lance Wallnau

See what Dr. Johnson the famous world renowned physician on breast cancer says about
the changes he made in his life.

“You can determine where you have been stuck in life and become unstuck. Find where you are at and discover where you want to go and how to get there all in one week at the McGrane Global Centers, I did!”  

Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D.

Watch this amazing story of how a

successful wife, mother and business

owner found true happiness and success.



"Attending the McGrane program is much more than a seminar.  It was totally worth the time and money!  I got WAY more that I ever expected I would.  I feel love, joy and a security more than I thought I could and know it's in my power to ensure that I continue living that way for the rest of my life. Before your program I was at a 2 out of 5.  Now, I am living a 5 out of 5 life and wow the difference is awesome.- Elin Bullmann

See what James Smith and 3 other strong men
open up about what they learned

and how you can get the same results

Experience the results from men and women
ages 15 to 77


Discover that you are worth it



Watch how a couple learn to communicate

better and bring the love back

that they have always wanted

Listen to how a person who saw no hope

for her, until she saw the changes

in her husband gave her hope for herself

See how this 26 year old found what he

was always looking for and did not know

how to find it until now


 Find out how come she wants to share the

ideas with all her friends and family


Watch how after 21 years the ideas still impact

his life, family and business every day

Listen to how a father and son now have

the relationship they always wanted


See how a person who could not sleep, get

out of bed and not go to school got

past her issues


Hear her amazing change and it's impact

on her children and grandchildren

Find out what helped him get the love

he wanted from his parents so he

could love himself


At age 77 if she can do it so can you find out
what she did that made such a change


testimonial"I urgently encourage you to attend Bill McGrane's program. I am a believer in Bill McGrane. He can help you like he has me. He is a heart/spirit surgeon, a specialist in the body mind connection. Do it!" – David Cooper




testimonial"Thank you for giving me the chance of my life to have the change of my life. As I call it you gave me my BIG HEAL. I was desperate for change.

You have an anointing and an appointing by God to help people heal that anyone who wants "breakthroughs" will receive. You got to my core and unlocked and healed me. More importantly I am restored with new energy and focus."
– Teri Werner  

testimonial"If it can work for us it definitely will work for you. My boss said if I don't go I would lose my job.

Even though I was highly unreceptive and did not think I needed it, attending was the change I needed at work and at home."
– Barry Wenger


"Now I have a husband who truly loves me and we have the relationship I have been praying about for 30 years. Just go and find what you have been looking for all  your life."
– Lori Wenger

testimonial"Attending the course changed my life. I was at the lowest point of my life and needed to make some big changes. I was leery, however, it is the best thing I ever did.

I found peace of mind and have more confidence. I found out who I really am. I am able to stop letting people walk on me. It was worth every dime invested and then some. I learned how to forgive myself and have better relationships."
– Pam Gibbs   

testimonial"What is your life dream? That question put me in pursuit to find Bill McGrane so that I could impact the lives of more people. Bill taught me the currency of feelings to impact people and get superlative outcomes. Through your course I am now able to connect with others in ways I have never seen before. Now I can get superlative outcomes in all areas of my life. I learned to connect with myself, with God and with others. When I spoke at the United Nations I said, leaders who know how to deal with emotional currency will be the ones to direct the currency of nations. Bill, you have equipped me to touch more lives and I thank you."
– Pastor Lance Wallnau   

testimonial"I came for business reasons and walked away with so much more. I have my confidence back and it got me past the hurdles blocking my success. I was very skeptical but ran out of options. The course changed my life and is cheapest and fastest way to move ahead in your life."
– Belinda Richard
"It helped me spiritually, with my business confidence, and I am much closer to my wife and family. Move on faith and just do it!"
– Fritz Richard   

testimonial"I don't know any other place to find an environment and trust to break through whatever obstacles you may have going on in your life.

Bill has amazing skills to find what is blocking others, like an arrow, he penetrates the problem and changes lives. I encourage you to make the commitment that will change your life for a lifetime."
– Norman Trepeck   

testimonial"As a woman I had negative judgments about my own gender and femininity. Now I can love myself for who I was created to be without a strange veil over myself.

I was able to release things that were limiting myself. This is a great set of tools for your tool box for a lifetime."
– Annabelle Wallnau 

testimonial"25 years ago my parents attended the McGrane Seminar, vowing when they had children, before they graduated from college, they would give them the gift of attending. This was such a life changing experience I can't thank them enough for the opportunity to get the skills I can now use the rest of my life."
– Emily Nethero   

testimonial"Attending your program was an investment in my life journey.

I learned how to improve my talents and get more passionate about my life."
– Steve MacConnell   

testimonial"We owe our future as brighter people to Bill McGrane. That is what comes out of your programs when people attend the McGrane Seminars.

You show people how to stand tall and high when it comes time to ask for the order. Organizations that have sent their people to your programs are able to do their jobs better and value their work. The cost of not attending is far greater. Take action now!"
– Christopher Hegarty

testimonial"I earned back two to three times the money I invested in your program. The people and atmosphere gave me the light at the end of the tunnel. I have so much more life now. It was so life changing. Our relationship is so much better now and we can love and give more to each other because we have the skills to heal. We have a stronger marriage, stronger parenting skills and are able to touch people's lives in a deeper way."
– Pastor Lance and Annabelle Wallnau   

testimonial"I have been doing drugs and selling for over 15 years. I was in so much pain, I was next to death. I spent over $500,000.00 in drugs and rehab programs. Your 5 day program gave me the release and the peace I have always been looking for. I wish I knew about this program 15 years ago. I would have been in a totally differently place. My eyes are now open. I can get things out and I now have the tools to look at myself and life in a totally different way. Your course was the safest place I have ever been in my life. I have the tools to live fully. Pack your bags and attend as soon as you can to get the joy and happiness you have always wanted."
– Tom Reno   

"It's worth the time and the money. It was the best week of my life. I have peace I have never had before. I have the tools to live and be happy."
– Tom Reno   

testimonial"After 39 years of marriage we learned how to have more positive language and remove value judging from ourselves and others.

This has freed us up so much and we are able to focus more on loving each other. You will be so glad you attended. Just do and it the benefits will overflow in your life."
– Mary & Nevin Boll   

testimonial"This is such a life changing experience. You showed me how to remove the tools that don't work in my life and replace them with new tools that do.

I am better able to deal with myself, my God and other people. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then the value of attending this course is phenomenal!"
– Keith Pietsch   

testimonial"My self-esteem needed some work to improve my relationship. The results have been wonderful and my business has improved dramatically. Your course is unique in material and thought processes  and helped me find the secretes I had buried. Your talent to find peoples' inner light and darkness is remarkable. Everyone could benefit from this. Because of you I now eat desert first!"
– Nancy McDonald
"I was not really open to your class and ideas until Nancy encouraged me to come and your wonderful way opened me up and now I am so glad I attended. Sign up right away, don't wait just do it, take the leap of faith!"
– Ron Sweet   

testimonial"It's been 10 years since I attended. The tools are an evolving process that continues today.

This course unlocks new thoughts, removes blocks and gives you courage. You create such a safe place.

Give it a try and allow yourself to take a giant step forward."
– Marilyn Selfridge


"I needed to improve my life and what I was doing was not working like I had hoped. I came to this course unsure of what I was going to learn and left with an AWESOME/WOW feeling. I am more calm, have a greater sense of self and how to affirm myself and others. Take the leap and attend, you will be glad you did. Give yourself permission to get what you need."
– Al Heyer   

testimonial"It's a life changing experience in a powerful positive way. It will make a major change in your life.  If I would have attended your program earlier in my life I would have saved millions and had the emotional well being and family relationships I have always wanted. Just attend. You will be so glad you did."
– Ralph Larsen

"21 years ago I attended and it changed my life and my marriage. I had a closed mind and belief system. I opened up my heart. My life is totally turned around. My husband came back and could see the changes in me and he then attended. You helped bring our marriage back together. This is an investment in your life. This can work for you. It sure has for me."
– Kathy Allen   

"As a graduate for over 26 years I was looking for solutions to my pain and suffering. I, my family and community needed the suffering to stop. Everything has changed for the better. I am now happy and productive. You don't have to suffer anymore. The answers are available, just take the step."
– Barbara Moir   

"In 2 days I was on a plane from Toronto, Canada to attend your course because I knew it would be an answer to my prayers. I got much more than I expected to receive. If I can be helped anyone can get help. It was well worth the money because I have the tools to have my life back."
– Laura Barranca   

"Bill and Linda McGrane are masters! They safely and brilliantly help you identify your problems and then permanently resolve them in the briefest time possible."
– Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, "Chicken Soup For the Soul" and "The One Minute Millionaire"

"What a marvelous experience "Making It Happen!" was for me. I continue to think about the ideas that were shared each and every day."
– Tim Agar, Administrative Manager, The Glide Foundation/Health Services Division, San Francisco, CA

"The actions, insights, and course impact were awesome! The seminar is designed to enable everyone to participate and feel as though the message was ‘personalized’ for each. The energy that I left with has stayed with me and is growing!"
– Mary McDonald, New York

"Finally, a course that teaches what is truly necessary to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life!"
– Tom Carroll, Massachusetts

"While I have not become a hot shot millionaire, my life has turned out for the better, without a doubt! The concept of Total Unconditional Acceptance has enabled me to significantly improve my ability to get along with others; now I enjoy more harmonious and satisfying relations with colleagues and significant others in my life."
– Jorge Perera, Pembroke Pines, FL

"It was a fabulously affirming experience. I came back centered, refreshed, and better equipped for life’s inevitable ups and downs."
– Barbara Keddy, Great Falls, VA

"My biggest concern before the program was how anyone could keep my interest for five days. I did not have time to dwell on that because the program was jam-packed full of ideas, practice and fun. I appreciate the new outlook on life and the new way of dealing with others in such an in-depth way."
– Earl Mielke, Jr. President, Complete Airfilter Color, Virginia

"Within six months my income increased by 25%! Bill McGrane’s skill and sensitivity in handling people amazes me beyond words. This was the best investment I have ever made!"
– Joan Bruner, National Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics, California

"Within one year of my graduation from "Move Into Your Greatness," I received a raise that more than covered my tuition AND I moved into a bigger home!"
– Josie Ratcliffe, RN Case Manager, Michigan

"I genuinely credit Bill McGrane with saving my marriage. He has helped me create more purpose and passion than I have ever experienced before."
– Lynn McKinley, Michigan

"I came to Bill McGrane for knowledge, guidance and direction – to live a happier life than what I have experienced these past 27 years. To my surprise, he more than surpassed my expectations! The quality of my life has skyrocketed! Now I am LIVING my dreams!"
– Christi Hai Phillips, Georgia

"Bill McGrane gave me the knowledge that I needed to begin a new journey in life. His ability to teach and transform will forever inspire me. EVERYTHING he suggested is working phenomenally well!"
– Joel C. Johnson, President, Maverick Energy & Development Corporation, Texas

"If anyone asks if they should attend "Move Into Your Greatness," I say "Go quickly! Go now!"
– Elizabeth Dowling, Washington, D.C.