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Dear Friend:

When it comes to self development, personal growth and transformation, most people need two things to move forward with their dreams and goals:

  1. Support

  2. Accountability to stay on track.

Those are the key benefits you'll get from enrolling in our monthly “Tune Up Call” pep talks.

Tune Up calls are teleseminars and personal growth group training calls, held the first Thursday of each month, that are designed to give you the external support and accountability you need to stay on track with your personal development and transformation goals. This is open to anyone who wants to “tune up” their life and skills.

The 60-minute Tune Up teleseminar pep talk calls are at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern time (United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Hawaii, please check your time zone.)

First Thursday of the Month
8 PM - EST
7 PM - CST
6 PM - MST
5 PM - PST


There’s a new “Tune Up Call” pep talk topic each month to help keep you on track!

Take a look at this line-up:

Secrets to keep your mind and emotions on track

How to create victory in every area of your life

How to sustain happiness and wealth

How to get along better with others

How to build friendships that last

How to network your way to success

How to remove obstacles

How to come up with those great ideas that will change your life for the better

How to take those great ideas and make them profitable

Moving from idea to action

How to get and stay unstuck

How to ask the best questions

How to keep your mind and emotions healthy

How to build self-esteem

How to create TUA - Total Unconditional Acceptance

How to stay focused

How to create a balanced life that really works

And much more...

Each month, I will select a person on each “Tune Up” pep talk teleseminars and help them be more successful. It could be YOU that I focus all my 37 years of skills and attention on. People always love to hear from others and benefit from their experiences.

At the end of each call I will give you practical self development tools to keep you in the flow and focused.

Choose the Enrollment Option That’s Right For You!


Enroll in the monthly "Tune Up Call" for only $19.95 per month

$19.95 per month


Get the monthly 'Tune Up Call” PLUS an MP3 recording of the call for only $29.95 per month

$29.95 per month


Get the monthly "Tune Up Call" PLUS the audio replay PLUS:

One hour a month of consulting personally with Bill McGrane.

Only $299.00 per month

$299.00 per month

Pick which option is right for you, and take the next step to your personal success!

Register and get what you need now!

Add Our Mastermind Option

You can add this additional bonus to your "Tune Up Call":

Want to be part of a Master Mind monthly call with 4 to 6 other like minded people so you get a small personal growth group support system? This option gives you one additional small group teleseminars a month with people like you wanting even more support. We will link up your people and topics on the first call.

Add the Mastermind option for only $35.00 each month. Click below to register.

$35.00 per month

I believe that joining our monthly "Tune Up Call" pep talks will keep you moving forward on your path to success in life.


Bill McGrane

To enroll by phone, or for more information
Contact us at:

Or email us at mcgrane@mcgrane.com