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2 Day Program

"Move Into Your Greatness"
5 Day Program

For Couple's Only!

Imagine your own couples retreat getaway to truly work on rebuilding your relationship.

Whether your relationship is truly in trouble and in need of serious repair, or if the two of you simply want to spend some quality time together learning how to communicate more effectively with one another, a couples counseling retreat with Bill and Linda McGrane of McGrane Global Centers may be just what’s needed to save or significantly improve your relationship.

Bill and Linda McGrane will meet with you for unique, one-on-one couples counseling sessions in a comfortable, relaxed setting of your choosing that creates the proper mood for true and long-lasting relationship enhancement.

Sustaining a long, happy and healthy relationship with your partner is not always easy and can require a lot of hard work. Learning how to truly communicate and relate to one another is critical. Let Bill and Linda McGrane use their relationship counseling expertise and personal experiences to help you and your partner re-discover each other, and the tremendous understanding, love and passion that still exists within your relationship.

This custom couples counseling retreat provides the privacy and intimate setting necessary for true beneficial relationship coaching to establish and re-kindle the special aspects of your relationship. Give this as a pause in your busy schedule to love each other the way you both deserve to be loved.  For those around the world, we can do phone coaching or use a webcam and even come to you or meet at a location of your choosing.  Give yourselves the gift that truly lasts forever—the gift of life-long love and happiness.

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“Our marriage after 25 years was dead and we both were headed in the wrong direction.  A divorce attorney had been contacted and it looked like the end of our marriage. We no longer knew how to communicate with each other or what to do to get back on track.  The things we both tried were making things worse instead of better.  On a scale of 0 to 10, we went from a 0 to a 7 out of 10 in just 2 days.  It is amazing when we got the tools and skills how much progress we made with your help.  If we can do it anyone who wants to have a great marriage can do it as well.  Now our children and family are happier then ever.  Give Bill and Linda McGrane a chance to give you the best years of your life ahead.”"

- Cathy and Carlos Jarrett

                          Watch this amazing couple share what they did

                          to create a goose bump marriage

See how a couple stopped being room mates
and restored their marriage

Find out what this couple did to bring themselves

and their family back to love


                                         See what helped this couple improve their communications

                                         and bring back the love to their marriage



"Our marriage is so much better because of the time we spent with you in the mountains. The peaceful setting and relaxed atmosphere set the stage for close communication and so-needed personal time we don't take for ourselves when we are home. We are grateful to you Bill and Linda."

- Peg and Dale Wilhelm


"We are so THANKFUL we invested in ourselves by attending your Move Into Your Greatness Seminar and did couple coaching with you and Linda. A nuclear bomb of LOVE exploded in our marriage & we will never be the same..."

- Cassendra and Brent Dearing


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