What does “lidgttftatim” mean?


The other day a graduate shared a compelling story of how after reading a book she gave to her daughter her daughter loved the phrase lidgttftatim.

She was impressed with it first because she could not figure out what it was and the letter she knew mean something.  She tried all kinds of words and fianlly asked her mother to explain what the letters meant.

Lord I do give thee thanks for the abundance that is mine.  Wow the daughter said.  Now any time either of them forget what it means they are reminded to say it out load.

What is a unique story or phrase that inspires you?

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The quote is from Don Blanding in his book “Today Is Here”. In these days of high unemployment and uncertain economic times, I like to take a few minutes to remember all the blessings that God has poured into my life, like a wonderful family, trustworthy friends, and good neighbors. The bible speaks about sharing what I have with those in need. Sometimes what we need most is an encouraging word. I want my abundance to become a blessing of encouragement to others.

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