Internal struggles


To the rest of the world, you portray an image of someone who has everything going right.  But on the inside, you are struggling everyday to battle your internal struggles.

Struggles that no one but yourself knows about.  Struggles that are there from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.  Often these are the most difficult battles you face in your life.  Battles that no matter how hard you fight, you can never win.  These battles within yourself, are very draining of your energy and stop you from being the happy person you want to be.  Sometimes, the person that seems the happiest is actually struggling the most.

How do you win these battles and conquer the pain within?

First step is to accept the struggle you are having within.  Sometimes we believe that if no one is aware of these problems, then they don’t exist.  Unfortunately, they do exist.  They exist everyday and are more powerful than tangible external problems.  They are more powerful than your external problems because you are the only one fighting the battle.  You are a one man army fighting a war all by yourself.  That leads us to the second step…

Let someone know!  Usually people fight these battles for years without anyone knowing that something was wrong.  This usually happens with independent highly driven people.  They don’t want to admit that something is wrong.  They don’t want to admit that they aren’t perfect and they have a problem. The fact is, we all have problems and no one is perfect.  We all need help sometimes and we shouldn’t wait until it is too late.  If you bottle up your feelings and keep thinking you can win this fight independently you will eventually reach your breaking point.

The key is to manage these problems so you never have to come face to face with your breaking point.   If you are struggling with something, tell someone.  Tell your spouse, brother or sister, parents, close friends, or a professional.  Admitting something is wrong is the major step.  Just because you have a great job in a thriving field, a loving amazing family, and everything you could ask for doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to be happy.

The best part of this situation has yet to reveal itself.  The best part is you
CAN defeat these struggles.  But you need to seek help from someone close to you because these battles are too much for one person.  It doesn’t matter how independent of a person you are, you can gain so much from other people.  Having these problems bottled inside you for years and years is taking a lot out of you. LET THEM OUT!  People will not perceive you as weak or think less of you and you will feel remarkably better.

So what are you internal struggles?

Do you bottle up emotions and try to fight the battle by your lonesome?

We can help.  We want to help.  Lets fight this battle together.

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